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Adventures and retreats are a great way to get away from it all and focus on a different approach to health and fitness. Enjoy a unique experience, meet like-minded people, relax and discover a truly enjoyable way to improve mind and body.

I felt I can run forever on the Costa Brava with its wonderful scenery, medieval villages and challenging terrain. Can’t wait to go back!

Nicky Dowson

Chi Running Costa Brava Adventure

Wed 4 to Sun 8 Oct 2017
Wed 10 to Sun 14 Oct 2018

A unique running experience along stunning forest and costal trails of the Costa Brava

I can now officially conclude that this has been the best holiday of my life. And there are lots of factors that go into that… The location was breathtaking. Every peak, twist and turn of the Catalonian countryside left me gasping in awe. The skies so clear, the sun so warm, the seas so blue and the landscapes so vivid. And in running I really felt like I saw parts of this wonderful place that even the locals don’t know exist… After so many weeks and months of trying – I really feel like I have found my stride.

Cat Townsend

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