A scientifically-based breathing programme

1-day Masterclasses in London

with Patrick McKeown & Gray Caws

Learn exercises that help to maximize oxygen carrying capacity and delivery for aerobic and anaerobic improvement.

The health benefits of reduced breathing include better sleep, improved cardiovascular health, and increased energy and concentration. Increasing the amount of oxygen that can be delivered to your working muscles and heart during exercise will allow you to become healthier, faster, fitter and stronger.

This masterclass will give you an understanding of how oxygen is released throughout the body and how to improve everyday breathing habits so that body oxygenation becomes more efficient. You’ll learn specially designed breath hold exercises which can provide the same benefits as high altitude training.

A switch to nasal breathing when running and walking will calm breathing volume towards normal levels and improve every facet of your health. Stress levels will decrease substantially and you’ll feel like an entirely different person.

The masterclass is open to anyone of any fitness level.


Format of the day

Morning session

  • Understanding the advantages of nasal breathing during rest and physical exercise
  • Exploring the science of measuring and reducing breathlessness
  • How to simulate high altitude training
  • How to improve VO2 max and running economy
  • How to delay the onset of lactic acid and fatigue
  • Practical 1-hour Oxygen Advantage breathing workout

Afternoon session

  • Practical relaxation and functional breathing
  • The mind and sports performance – improving mental focus
  • How to improve respiratory muscle strength
  • Practical 1-hour Oxygen Advantage breathing workout


Sat 14 Oct or Sat 7 Apr 2018 | £120

Sat 14 Oct | Premier Training, London N4 3JP
Sat 7 Apr | London venue tbc
9:30am to 5pm
with Patrick McKeown & Gray Caws

Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown is one of the world’s leading trainers of the Buteyko breathing method. For the past 11 years he has trained over 5,000 people in reduced breathing exercises. From seriously ill asthmatics to couch potatoes, weekend warriors to Olympic athletes—he has taught a simple, fast way to transform their health, well-being, and performance. Patrick has lectured around the world and makes yearly trips teaching in the US, UK, and Australia.

Become an Oxygen Advantage Instructor

Online training and 3-day workshop in London.

Are you a coach, athlete or personal trainer who would like to become an Oxygen Advantage® Instructor?

Do you want to be able to provide individual and group training of the Oxygen Advantage® programme to recreational and non- professional athletes?

London Workshops 13 to 15 Oct or 6 to 8 Apr 2018 | £950

Premier Training, London N4 3JP | 9:30am to 5pm each day
with Patrick McKeown & Gray Caws


Benefits the Oxygen Advantage Programme


Improve anaerobic performance


Improve aerobic performance


Optimise oxygen delivery throughout the body


Improve energy, focus and concentration


Significantly reduce pre-race anxiety


Greatly improve your asthma control


Measure and reduce breathlessness during exercise